Pawn Electronics

Pawn stores are institutions which offer a variety of services such as pawn loans, title loans, and payday loans. They also offer a variety of merchandise – some are specialty shops and others accept anything and everything as long as it holds some value.

Our National Pawn & Jewelry shops in Texas and EZ Money Pawn stores in Arizona accept anything – from scrap gold to electronics to jewelry – and provide you with the customer service you want.

If you are in need of a few extra dollars to get you through, pawn loans are a great option. They are short term lending agreements in which you can use your personal property as leverage to get a loan. There are very few requirements, so most people are eligible and can leave within minutes. Other lending methods, such as traditional bank loans, take a lot of paperwork and are much more stringent on their applicant requirements.

How do I pawn my electronics?

Pawning electronics is super simple – especially when our experts guide you through the process. If you have unwanted, unused, or out-of-date electronics that are in good condition and of substantial value, you can bring them into any of our pawn shop locations to be evaluated for worth and resell value.

You have two options: sell us your electronics outright for cash, or get a pawn loan using your valuables as collateral. In either case, our pawnbrokers will always give you an honest assessment to get you the best offer possible.

Learn more about how the loan process works. Loan terms, conditions and contract agreements vary by case and by location due to applicable area laws.

Item Security

To get a pawn loan at our pawn stores,you must bring in your personal property to leave in our custody for the term of your loan. You can be sure that your items will be taken care of and that our employees in our Texas and Arizona pawnshops take the necessary measures to ensure that your property is properly stored.

A collateral loan is a type of insurance that uses your items to secure a loan. We expect that you will return to claim your merchandise and repay you loan; however, if for some reason you are unable to repay the loan balance or you forget to reclaim your item, the merchandise becomes the property of the pawnbroker with which you made the contract. Our pawnshops’ stock is comprised of those goods that are left behind and those goods which we buy outright from customers. With this in mind, it it’s just as crucial for us as it is to you to keep our store secure.

We have installed the latest security systems, complete with 24/7 surveillance, audio monitoring, and a central alarm system. If our security system or employees detect any suspicious activity, such an attempt to break and enter, the police are immediately notified. We work closely with local law enforcement to keep our customers, stores, and employees safe.

Sell us your Items

Looking for fast money, but not interested in a loan? If you have items that you no longer need or want, bring them into one of your stores so that we can offer you top dollar for your items. Selling your items to a pawnshop is much faster and much more convenient than trying to sell your items online or at a garage or yard sale. First, you can be in and out of our shop within minutes – case closed. Other methods of selling require much more work and monitoring. For instance, online shops require you to post your item and wait to see if anyone is interested. Our pawn shop won’t make you wait.

When you come into our store, we will evaluate your merchandise to determine its value and worth. The reason our brokers perform an evaluation process is to give an accurate assessment of the resell value of the item in the current market. Market values can fluctuate greatly, as they depend on outside factors, such as the economy, and what is in high demand at the moment. Even holidays can change the dynamics of the marketplace and cause your offer to change the value of your item in a short period of time.

If you have any questions about items you would like to sell, please come by any of our stores or contact a pawn broker near you.